Omega's Introducers Guide

Follow these easy steps to become an Introducer for Omega!

Register in the app

Choose who you
want to refer

Visit our partner portal to be fully equipped to make more referrals

Submitting referrals with our app is a breeze.


Register to become a partner in the referral app.

Start by creating an account manually or sign in with Google. Please use the same name and email in all interactions with Omega.


Fill out the referral form in the referral app.

Click the "Add Referral" button to open a form and add the required information. This is the fastest way to get the ball rolling, but alternatively, you can use your unique link to share with your referral.


Choose who you want to refer.

Are you referring a customer for ERC filing or a new referral partner? Make sure you choose the right type of lead so that your referral gets routed to the correct support team.


Enter the contact information for your referral.

Fill out the form thoroughly and accurately so the sales process goes as smoothly as possible.


Congratulations! You submitted your referral. Now Omega will contact them and do the rest.


Track you customer referrals.

Click on the "My Referrals" section to track the status of your referrals until you receive your payment.

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