January 4, 2023

5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose Omega for their ERC Tax Credit

Don't be fooled by "ERC Mills" looking to profit from this program. Here are five reasons why you can trust Omega Tax Credits with your filing.

Don't be Fooled

The ERC is a complex tax credit program that requires an extensive process to determine eligibility while remaining compliant. For many businesses, the Employee Retention Credit could be a lifesaver, but if not filed carefully, it can lead to penalties. 

With so many third-party vendors and self-proclaimed tax experts offering to file your ERC tax credit, how do you differentiate between the reliable and the unreliable? These five reasons illustrate why Omega is the best option for your ERC filing.

1. A Reputable Firm with 15 Years in the Industry 

The ERC program has created a gold rush in the tax filing industry. Several inexperienced companies have started up and are abusing the ERC. The problem is bad enough for the IRS to begin cracking down on these “ERC Mills” looking to capitalize on the program. Omega has 15 years of expertise as a financial service provider. Our work has been reviewed by major international and national firms such as Ernst & Young, and we have also been named the ‘2022 #1 Fastest-Growing Mid-Sized Company in OC’. An award that is the result of our government-based tax credit services provided to small and medium-sized companies; especially the ERC. Our team doesn’t just promise professional and accurate service, we have the reputation to prove it!

2. Avoid IRS Tax Penalties 

Many providers are either under-calculating or over-calculating tax credits. This can lead to tax penalties from the IRS. In order to justify ERC tax credits, Omega performs calculations that are in line with government guidelines, ensuring our clients don't miss out on the tax credit they deserve. 

3. Audit Protection Service Warranty for Three Years

Omega’s team performs due diligence while filing your ERC. We provide audit defense in the form of an audit protection document that can be presented to the IRS authorities in case of an audit. Furthermore, while you wait for the ERC refund, Omega’s Tax Credit experts will offer support and up-to-date information on your claim. Omega is one of the few organizations that offers free audit support to its clients for up to three years.

4. Successful Partnerships with Leading Insurance, Advisory and CPA Firms

With over 15 years in business, Omega has formed some great alliances along the way. We are proud to have successful partnerships with leaders such as Stout, Horton Group, and Aspire CPA Group; all top-ranked organizations in their respective fields. Omega has a close association with each of its partners. We value our partner affiliations as much as our customer associations. 

5. High Visibility and Accountability

Omega provides its clients with detailed online reports that reflect the status of their claims. Most providers do not provide online reporting but offer to share information based on request. Omega is transparent about its processes and wants you to stay up-to-date on the status, which is why you get complete visibility into our work. 

Choose a Reliable ERC Provider

Businesses must be cautious when choosing an ERC provider. Considering these five aspects will help you establish whether a firm can substantiate your claim or not. Rest assured, Omega's track record of helping scores of businesses secure their ERC tax credits is one of the reasons why most businesses trust us with their filings. Our integrated approach takes care of all the necessary steps, from determining eligibility to the delivery of calculation, from transparency to audit protection. Let Omega do the leg work for you and help you recover your ERC tax credit! 

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