Over 15 years of experience

Founded in 2007, Omega has become a trusted partner to businesses by consistently providing tax credit services with professionalism and accuracy. We strive to earn your trust through honesty and integrity.

Our mission

We strive to empower small business owners to make better-informed decisions.

Our vision

We envision an economy in which every business, no matter how small, can access leading-edge resources, expert guidance, and the latest technologies to pursue innovation, optimize their business, and create new opportunities.


Founded in 2007, we’ve become a nationally-recognized business advisor with multiple solutions to benefit clients in all industries. Even though we’ve grown larger, we still live by the same five values that originally set us apart:


The quality of being true, correct, exact


Open, frank, candid


What’s done when no one is looking


Competency in performance


Freedom from deceit or fraud

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