March 28, 2023

Refer and Earn - Help Businesses Claim The ERC

Become a partner and earn generous referral fees while helping businesses recover thousands, or even millions, in tax refunds with Omega Tax Credits.

Refer and Earn - Help Businesses Claim the ERC

Omega's ERC Partner Referral Program compensates partners for educating business decision-makers about the Employee Retention Credit and referring qualified businesses to Omega’s ERC Services. As a partner, you get the opportunity to earn generous referral fees while earning goodwill for helping businesses recover thousands, or even millions, in tax refunds. The only tools you would need to educate potential clients are email and a phone. 

What is an Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

The Employee Retention Credit is a tax credit authorized under the CARES Act. It is one of the most significant coronavirus relief measures introduced by the US government. When COVID began, many businesses faced operational disruptions. To help these businesses, Congress introduced the employee retention credit (ERC). Under this credit, business owners were encouraged to keep their employees on the payroll, for which they can receive refundable tax credits. The ERC has provided and continues to provide financial relief to eligible employers.

Many businesses are unsure or are told that their business doesn’t qualify for the ERC, while others struggle to navigate the complex application process. Omega removes this burden of filing the ERC from the business owner, allowing them to maximize benefits with minimum work. 

How Does the ERC Referral Partnership Work?

Omega invites you to share our message about the ERC tax credit with your list of prospects. All you have to do is start a conversation with your prospect, ask if they know about or have applied for the Employee Retention Credit, and introduce Omega as a trusted ERC service provider. 

  1. Educate your network of business owners about the ERC
  2. Refer the business owner to Omega Tax Credits.
  3. That’s it! Really!
  1. Review the client’s details  
  2. Determine their qualifications
  3. Determine the potential ERC refund amount (if eligible)
  4. File amended returns for ERC

Once the client receives the ERC Refund check from the IRS, you will receive your referral fee.

Throughout this process, we will do all the heavy lifting. As a seasoned government tax incentive expert, Omega performs due diligence and ensures employers meet the IRS’s official ERC qualifications. We maximize their ERC refund while staying within the law.

Why Haven’t Many Businesses Filed for this Lucrative Tax Credit?

There are a few reasons why businesses have not filed for the ERC yet. Here are some examples.

  1. Lack of knowledge
The PPP program (another program under the CARES act) took most of the limelight, and many lost sight of the ERC. It is only recently that ERC has gained popularity. 
  1. Told they don’t qualify
Another reason why businesses have not filed for the ERC is that some CPAs or tax advisors have not been advising them correctly. We have come across many business owners that are told they don’t qualify even when they do. 
  1. Fear of IRS Audits
Lastly, many businesses fear IRS audits and worry they might over-calculate their eligibility or credit amount which could lead to an audit and then a financial penalty as well. 

If your client needs clarification about the advice they've been given regarding their taxes, you can direct them to one of our tax experts. Many are relieved after getting a second opinion from our experts at no cost.

If you face any other objections or challenges that you need instant answers to, you can refer to our Partner Program FAQs

Why Choose Omega as My ERC Partner?

Established government tax credit expert with 15 years of experience

At Omega, we have a wealth of experience helping our clients file for the ERC. We've helped businesses of different sizes and industries claim government tax credits. When you become a partner with us, you can expect to reap some amazing benefits, such as:

Passively earning income through warm introductions
Collaborating with a reputable organization recognized for its integrity and reliability
Earning goodwill and credibility by informing contacts about the ERC program

Omega ensures that the ERC claims are accurate and compliant with the law. Additionally, we provide all our clients with an Audit Protection Document. 

Audit Protection Document

If a business is eligible and files an ERC claim through Omega, we ensure the filing and the calculations are correctly documented. This document answers any questions that an IRS auditor might have about how the eligibility was determined and how the credit amount was calculated. You can let your clients know they will be in safe hands, as Omega’s audit protection document can be presented to the IRS in case of an audit. 

A Complete Filing Solution

Omega takes care of the entire process, from paperwork and filing to providing an audit protection document, we look after every little detail and have built a reputation of being dependable and accurate. 

Monitor the Progress of Your Client’s ERC Claim 

Omega provides access to partner dashboards where you can view and track the progress of your client’s claim. You’ll be able to see which of your referred businesses have moved forward with filing for their ERC. 


At Omega, we provide excellent core business services to our partner’s clients. Filing for the Employee Retention Credit requires a specialist, which is why we go to market primarily through our partners because we have a solid win-win value proposition. Our top partners have helped their clients recover valuable credits to revitalize their businesses, and we're proud to have them on board. Get your process started by filling out this form. Omega looks forward to partnering with you!

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